Hi, I’m Cristina Alejos, painter, illustrator and website designer.

I have always been very productive in creating images. I like doing experiments, converting photos to drawings, finding curious photos and finding an expression in them in the form of a drawing. It is a curious passion for the visual that drives me to create more and more.

With so many photos and illustrations, I decided in 2011 to create a website called Ilustracionesgratis.com. The project had to be suspended and I abandoned the domain. In 2021 I decided to rebuke this portal dedicated to sharing images and visual resources for the whole world.

I am Spanish and I live in Valencia.

Cristina Alejos
Cristina Alejos

Royalty Free Visual Resources

All the images are registered in Copy Left, that is, registered as the author Cristina Alejos and with permission for free use. That is why it is possible to download the images easily on this web portal.

Use the images for your projects and articles

On the Internet there is an infinity of content that needs to be accompanied by some images. With the images from cristina-illustrations.com you can easily add a header to your article, a photo next to a text or as background images. You are free to use them.